• Unzip the downloaded files
  • You will see 2 folders in the extracted file. Copy the contents in folder "Ultimate Loan Manager" into your server install directory created. NB initially should be empty.
  • Create a sub domain pointing at the install directory above /public.
  • Make sure PHP version >= 7.2
  • Make sure .env to be writtable
  • Make sure PDO is enabled in your server
  • Make sure CURL is enabled in your server
  • Navigate to or just Follow the Installer Wizard
  • That's it!

N.B. : If the installer methods fails then you can install manually by creating a database, creating user with all priviledges on DB in question and importing the ultimateloanmanager.sql file in phpmyadmin and then updating .env file with your database credentials. After that move a file called installed found in the root directory into storage folder. If you cannot see .env file in your cpanel then it is hidden by default. enable hidden dot files in your cpanel settings

Default login details,,password:admin123

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