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Your repair business partner

Repair Shop Manager is an Advanced, powerful, flexible complete management software for repair shops. It has powerful reporting features. You and your clients can keep track of repair status and invoices.

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Key Features

Client Management

With powerful customer management and search you have your entire database instantly available from anywhere

Repairs Management

Keep a database of repair orders from your customers. You can generate an invoice right from the repairs menu. Clients can check status of repairs.

Client Portal

Your customers will feel safer and more confident with the ability to check status, see invoice history, and preview and approve/decline estimates all from a portal they can access with just a click from all the emails you send them.

Invoice Management

Clean invoice system with pdf export, email clients their invoices

Online Payments

Clients can pay their invoices using paypal right from their portal.

Partial Payments

Invoices can accept partial payments

SMS Module

You can send sms alerts to your customers on repair status change or any other events. We included 3 sms gateways thus giving you a wider options.

Auto SMS & Email

Choose to alert the client automatically of repair status change. Alerts can be send via sms or email


Its very easy to translate the system into your own language. You can translate all parts of the system.

Full Settings

Control your system, from sms,email templates. Edit how the system behaves

Financial Reports

View reports in a graphical view.

Fully Responsive

The system is fully responsive thus it can be viewed from any device.